Contribution to the society thru providing medical devices and earth-friendly products, enabling better living environment.

President's message

Demand for health care is certainly growing and diversifying as a result of an aging population. To address this demand, medical equipment and related fields have made remarkable growth and diversification, and now are commanding the attention of society. Our company has been engaged in business to provide services on distribution of these important medical equipment and instruments during this social trend. We believe that the mission of all the employees of MIC is to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of healthy and abundant people's life, and this is also our original point.

All of the employees of MIC keep in mind to continue their tireless research and efforts to support the improvement of medical equipment and product technologies which raise people's standard of living, while ensuring and standardizing quality and security to meet the demands for medical technology and people's expectations for quality of life today, and moreover, to put our furthest efforts into our higher goal to provide more fulfilling services.