MIC sells a wide range of medical products to meet the various needs of medical technology.

Medical Devices Division

We are always bearing in mind to provide services of high value with three divisions, the General and Supply Processing & Distribution (SPD) Division, the Orthopedics Division, and the Special Sales Division, in order to meet a variety of needs for each hospital. We believe that our mission is to provide sales and marketing based on suggesting a plan for customers through acquiring specialized knowledge.

Organization Chart

General Supplies Section

General and Supply Processing & Distribution (SPD) Division
This Department deals with medical equipment and related products in general, from supplies for general medical treatment, healthcare and sanitary materials, and surgical materials to IT software and products related laboratory tests and equipment. The SPD Division takes over the operations of the medical-equipment window of hospitals, minimizes stocks in those hospitals, and carrys out inventory management. With the introduction of the SPD system, it becomes easier to collect and analyze data required for the management of hospitals.

Orthopedics Section

Orthopedics Division
The Orthopedics Division specializes in an area of orthopedic surgery, and mainly deals in orthopedic surgical instruments, implants, rehabilitation supporting equipments, and casting products. We extend to emergency response by keeping surgical instruments and implants in stock.

Critical care medical equipment (ICU, NICU, Medical Emergency Center)

Critical care medical equipment (ICU, NICU, Medical Emergency Center)Respirators and related products, warming and humidifying devices, pulsoxymeters, EtCO2/pCO2 monitors, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, blood gas apparatuses, patient monitor equipments, other various monitors, continuous cardiac output measurement devices, neonatal respirators (including HFO), incubators and warmers for infants, and maintenance and diagnostic systems for equipment and related products.

Respiratory circuit, disposable warming and humidifying devices, temperature sensors, humidifying and bacterial filters for breathing circuit and related products, tracheostomy tubes, various types of sensors, and various tube connectors.

Anesthesia equipment

Anesthesia equipmentAnesthesia apparatuses, patient monitor equipment, portable echo devices, anesthesia circuits, carbon dioxide absorbents, laryngeal masks, endotracheal tubes, indwelling intravenous needles, epidural anesthesia related products, humidifying and bacterial filters for anesthesia circuits and related products, and portable disposable infusers (Surefuser).

Orthopedics equipment

Orthopedics equipmentArtificial hip joints, artificial femoral heads, artificial knee joints, artificial shoulder joints, spinal fixation materials, treatment materials for fractures (screws & plates, intramedullary nails), various external fixators, various artificial bones, bone cement, other various types of implants, bone saws, reamers, power systems for drills, and other surgical instruments.

Arthroscopy systems, autologous blood collection equipment, compact MRI for limbs, bone stimulation devices, various types of retractors, casting products, continuous passive motion (CPM), and other rehabilitation supporting equipment and related products.

Cranial nerve surgery equipment

Cranial nerve surgery equipmentShunt systems, pressure-controlled valves, cerebral aneurysm clips, plates & screws, various types of microimplants, artificial dura maters, epidural drainage systems.
Navigation systems for surgery, intracranial pressure measuring devices (ICP), microscopes for microsurgery, electrocautery scalpels, micro power tools and all related products, three point craniostats, and various types of wound retractors.

Surgical supplies and devices

Surgical supplies and devicesSupplies and materials for laparoscopic assisted surgery, suture thread and needles, reservoirs, hemostatic agents, supplies and materials for surgery, power tools, implants, venous thrombosis prevention equipment.
Electrocautery scalpels, ultrasonic scalpels, laparoscopic systems, small steel products for surgery, wound retractors, and other surgical instruments.

Equipment, appliances, and others

Equipment, appliances, and othersSurgical beds, surgical lights, ceiling pendants, sterilization equipment (high-pressure steam, EOG, plasma), automatic retrojectors, hand wash units, UV germicidal lamps, X-ray equipment, MRI equipment, laser equipment, endoscope systems, hematological testing equipment, angiographic photographic devices, ultrasonographs, drug powder folders, and various types of ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, urinology, otorhinolaryngology, cardiovascular internal medicine and cardiosurgery related products.

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